Sunday, February 28, 2016

First weekend

So this last weekend was my first time staying in the RV. I was mostly cleaning.
 I dont have water yet and was working with an extension cord running from the main house for lights .
We discovered just before i left this afternoon that we had an adapter plug so i could've plugged in to the main source. lol, im learning.
I heated soup in a electric skillet for lunch Saturday and this is what i had for breakfast this morning.

Mystery meat and my friend Dino crooning in my ear.
I slept very good even though the RV is not level and my head was lower than my feet.
We tried again to move the RV to its final spot but it was still too wet.
Maybe in a couple of days.
Next weekends project : getting the electric hooked up permanently and figuring out the water hook up.
Also will put up a temporary fridge as the one in it does not work anymore.
Im one tired but happy Camper.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Talk about being happy and a ton of weight and worry off my shoulders.
It's done !!! She's moved to her permanent spot.

She quit on us three times , twice before i joined the convoy , once after.  But Jim got her started again each time without much trouble.
After the third time she ran like a champ, we had a hard time keeping up, 75 m/h down the highway.
 I guess it took a while to blow all the gunk out after years of sitting still.Motor sounds real good. I wouldn't be scared to take her on a trip after a good tune up.
But, that's not going to happen , so if she never starts again , that's OK too.

On the way we stopped at a Propane place and filled up the tank. I will be using it for the stove until its all gone, after that i will switch to electric.
Took a pic of her going down the highway in my rear view mirror
thats her, just a speck behind me , lol. 

We couldn't get her put exactly where shes going to be yet as the rain has softened up the ground enough to where she was starting to sink in . So we just left her sitting in the front yard for now until its dried up some.

But she is level  enough to where i can start working in there and even spend the night this weekend.

Jim handing me the keys. Thousand thanks to Jim and Glenda for making it possible. I owe you forever and ever.
Now the fun begins :)

Monday, February 22, 2016

the night before

its 11:44 pm and im so tired but can't sleep. tomorrow morning is excited and nervous. i hope everything goes ok.
 i got insurance for just the one day.
 its been raining all day on and off and is supposed to rain tomorrow too. i hope the spot where its supposed to go is not too soft.
well, we'll see.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I finally got the title to my RV !!! Its been a year since i put it on "lay-away". so now its fully paid and mine , aaalllll mine. :)
 Tuesday we will be moving it to its new permanent place.
 I will be soooo busy. First on the agenda : clean up. its been sitting for over ten years and used for storage.
I'm so excited but also very nervous. i will relax when its in its spot.
its only 50 miles but with my luck....That's why i will get insurance for it just for that move, id rather pay $100 , better safe than sorry. i hope everything will go OK.
i will make lots of pics.
Ya'll wish me luck.
I have been busy collecting tips , tricks and ideas for the RV. I've joined a couple of RV Face Book groups and i have decided on a Beach theme.
I absolutely love the beach and wish i could live close to it but since that's not possible i can at least pretend i am .
So here are a couple of pics from the interior of my RV.
 Please excuse the mess, the owners more or less just parked it since last use and used it for storing odds and ends.
So this is the kitchen:
                   Whats with that mirror? Whoever thought that looks good?
                   Its one of the first things that will have to go!!!Ugly , ugly , ugly!!!                                                                            
                                                                                                                                                                   I hope it comes off easy !!!

                                                                                                                                                              The cabinets and walls will be painted white, all of them , throughout the RV and they will have some kind of color accent, not sure yet what, probably a light sea foam green or a nice soft coral red.
I love wood, but since this is such a small space ( and some of the cabinet door parts are some kind of fake wood anyways), the white will make it look bigger and will bring light in there.
 I'm looking at several knobs to put on the doors. I have my eyes on some beach glass ones but they are pricey, so i guess ill make my own, maybe from shells I've collected.
                                                                                                                                                                That leather/ vinyl cabinet end piece will be replaced by a spice rack. Those window cornices also will be removed, they are over every window in there.Same with that thing over the door.

                                                                                                                                                                The counter top will need a makeover too, but not sure yet what its gonna be.                                              
I came across a very neat idea about the stove back splash on pinterest. It will put a good deal of color there and stick with the beach theme.
Aaaahhh, how i wish i could start already.
Of course before i can tackle any of that there will be a great cleanup first. its not bad dirty but it has been sitting there unused for several years.
I will reveal more of my plans for my future weekend getaway/home in the next few days. Now im getting back to pinterest and see what else i can find :)
Also working on a thick pair of socks for a auction for a friends rabbit club.

So i had the opportunity to buy a '83 Winnebago (33 foot long) from my employer on a layaway deal for really , really cheap. Well, for me its still a fortune but since i can pay as i can afford it , i just had to do it. It will be parked permanently on a friends property in the country. I hope to have it moved there early next year.There will be a lot of redecorating and upgrading going on.

I am so very excited about this. Eventually this will be my home , but hopefully for several years yet it will be my weekend getaway.
As this will be located at my friends farm with sheep, goats, rabbits etc. i will be in paradise.I'm already researching and collecting ideas how to redecorate.