Sunday, February 28, 2016

First weekend

So this last weekend was my first time staying in the RV. I was mostly cleaning.
 I dont have water yet and was working with an extension cord running from the main house for lights .
We discovered just before i left this afternoon that we had an adapter plug so i could've plugged in to the main source. lol, im learning.
I heated soup in a electric skillet for lunch Saturday and this is what i had for breakfast this morning.

Mystery meat and my friend Dino crooning in my ear.
I slept very good even though the RV is not level and my head was lower than my feet.
We tried again to move the RV to its final spot but it was still too wet.
Maybe in a couple of days.
Next weekends project : getting the electric hooked up permanently and figuring out the water hook up.
Also will put up a temporary fridge as the one in it does not work anymore.
Im one tired but happy Camper.

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  1. Learning all the systems on an RV can throw you a pretty good learning curve, huh?! The nice thing about most RVs is the easy set-up and take down. Once you get your check list perfected, it's fast! Did you get your water hooked up okay? The most time I ever spent was on leveling, then it's plug in and enjoy!